UK Far Right Terrorist Walks Free Due To Mental Age Of 10

Luke Crompton, who admitted encouraging far-right terror attacks has walked free after a court heard that he was “functioning effectively as a 10-year-old”.

He posted material calling for the murder of black people, Muslims and Jews online, as well as the burning of mosques. Manchester Crown Court heard that he used two accounts on the Russian VK social network that prominently displayed symbols of white supremacy.

Crompton pleaded guilty to encouraging terrorism, an offence punishable by up to 15 years in prison, but escaped a jail sentence on Tuesday, instead being handed a two-year community order and 30-week rehabilitation course after hearing that he had a low IQ, possible autism, and had been “influenced and exploited” online.

Judge Patrick Field QC said ...
The individual posts were deeply offensive, dripping with hate and contempt for Jews, Muslims and black people.
I am advised, because of your vulnerability, you are liable to exploitation and radicalisation that might well occur in a prison environment, and this would reduce the prospect of rehabilitation and increase the risk you pose to others.
Alaric Bassano, prosecuting, told the court ...
He posted extreme material - photographs, images and words - expressing hatred and contempt for, amongst others, homosexuals, Jews, Muslims and black people and those that consorted with them.
Many of the posts called for and encourage extreme activity against such people, such as the destruction of the Jewish and Islamic faiths, the torching of mosques and the murder of black people, Muslims and Jews.