Von Batten Kicked Out Of Ukip

"We hear so often of how the mighty are fallen. But what of those who were never really all that mighty, but who are also fallen?"

... reports Zelo Street, as former Ukip leader Gerard Von Batten is ejected from his party with little ceremony and even less sadness.

We're actually unsure of his main failings - there were so many - but surely his worst move was to invite into the Party the person Stephen 'Tommy Robinson' Yaxley-Lennon, a Multiply Convicted Fraudster, Cokehead, Racist and Inciter of Far Right Terrorism. Add to that the appointing as unofficial advisor of Danny Tommo, the Comedy Convicted Kidnapper / Drug Thug.

The Ukip Junta - Batten, Yaxley, Tommo.

It seems even the Ukip faithful were split - some were rightly appalled, but most demanded Ukip adopt Yaxley's entire 'Mein Kampf' outlook wholesale. With donors and voters alike deserting in droves, the people have spoken on Ukip's future

And even at this moment, Batten tries to spin it, by posting this ...

Swiftly busted by @UKIP_FABS with this ...

"We shall not see his like again". Thank God for that.