Brexit Chaos For Businesses - From A Business Owner

So. Now we know for sure that from 1 Jan 2021, the way businesses trade with the EU will change.

To be fair, we knew this since last year, pretty much,but the important - vital - questions is HOW it will change ?

Since 2016 the Brexit'ers have told us "No border checks". Now, as we suspected all along, it was just another Brexit Lie. Now, Michael Gove is trying to spin it as "We always said there would be checks."

As Editor of this site, I make no - zero - money from my social campaigning and political writing. I have several things on the go, one of which is a small business which imports from the EU.

I'm trying to plan for 2021 RIGHT NOW. I need to sign contracts for manufacturing and import / export - and it's simply not possible.

I manufacture and/or import cycle and motorcycle parts, spares and accessories from the EU, selling through multiple UK channels, warehoused distributed using a complex logistical chain that I have set up over years, and which now works flawlessly. They are premium European brands that can't be made in the UK as the brand holders will either not allow licensing, or will only do so for an investment of £1m or more.

And I have been asking questions for two years. From the (former) official Government Department responsible, DExEU, I have received five different answers, in person, in forums, in webchats, from statements made by DExEU officials, and on the website.

And as it turns out, none of them in the end were even correct.
  • What will be the tariffs for Engineering / Automotive Goods / Assembled ?
  • What will be the tariffs for Engineering / Automotive Goods / Component ?
  • What will be the tariffs for Equipment / Sporting ?
  • What will be the tariffs for Clothing / Sporting ?
  • What will be the tariffs for Goods / Leather / Sporting ?
  • What will be the Required Documentation ?
  • What will be the Logistical Chain ?
  • What will be the Paperwork Delays ?
  • What will be the Customs Procedures ?
  • How much am I going to pay to have my logistical contractors' drivers sit in a queue waiting for border checks ?
  • How much am I going to pay for stock which I sell in £GBP, as our currency slowly grinds towards parity ?


Can I sign that contract with a Portuguese factory to make X-Brand gloves under licence for the next four years or will margins and extra costs make them unsaleable in the UK and leave me with 20,000 unsold pairs to offload at a loss ?

Can I confidently pre-order my 2021 allocation of my best selling boots ?

Can I agree to another year of warehousing in France ?

These are simple questions that apply to small - and large - businesses across the country.

The answer, to these and all other questions is ...

Nobody has a clue.

My small business is just a replica of 10 of 1000s of similiar businesses that trade with the EU and who DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT'S GOING ON.