Floods Across The UK, And WHERE THE F**K IS BORIS ?

Back in November 2019, Boris Johnson on a walkabout was challenged in the flood-hit Stainforth, Yorkshire by a woman cleaning up the debris, about what he would do on Flood Defense when and if elected PM after the December 2019 Election.

He pledged - well of course he did - lost resources, funding, and a plan.

Naturally not only has none of these materialised, there is no plan in place to deliver them, pay for them, staff them or even a Minister named to be responsible for them.

Now, with even more severe flooding nationwide, Boris Johnson - he's the PM, remember - has been silent, and missing, for a week. Maybe he's back in that fridge.

If you voted Tories and live in a flood-affected area, it's kinda hard to have much sympathy for you right now.