Gammons Can't Handle Science, Turn To Violence Instead

After Greta Thunberg's visit to Bristol this week, it appears her very prescence was enough to trigger the anger of numerous middle-aged white men who'd never actually met her.

The Bristol Post has reported on just some of the threats of violence against her from, it seems, purely white males - every one a Climate Change denier, and every one - from their social media feeds - a Brexit'er, of course. Gullability and belief in Conspiracy Theories go hand in hand.
'Grab her pigtails' 'Throw her over a fence' 'Burn her at the stake' 'Milkshake her' 'Crush the bitch' 'Slap her with a brick' ...
Avon Police are investigating a 'number of complaints', of which 'several dozen' were said to be 'actionable'.

This, apparently, is the full extent of the Anti ClimateChange Argument.

A bunch of disgusting excuses for men, every one of them. Of these cowards' Facebook accounts, many have been locked down or deleted entirely.

Brave enough to threaten a 17 year old girl.
Not quite brave enough to defend it online when challenged.

Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg continues on, quoting the actual Science of 1000s of actual scientists, slowly winning.