Germany - Multiple Terrorist Attacks Averted As Neo Nazis Arrested

German Police have arrested 12 members of a Far-Tight Terrorist Cell alleged to have plotted attacks on mosques, asylum-seekers and politicians, with other suspects still at large.

The members of the group Der Harte Kern, or The Hard Core, met up through the messaging service WhatsApp, forming the organization in September

The leader of the group met last week with other members to discuss a plot to launch 10 separate terror attacks throughout Germany, including assaults on mosques similar to those last year in New Zealand that killed 51 worshippers.

An informant who had infiltrated the group allegedly tipped off investigators about the plot, with authorities discovering firearms and bomb-making materials in subsequent raids, the BBC reported. All suspects have been detained while the investigation continues.

They are believed to have links to the Far-Right Street Vigilante Group Soldiers of Odin, highlighted on this site before, which has spread beyond it's original Finland into neighbouring Scandinavia nations and even Canada.

'Soldiers of Odin' are self-appointed Street Vigilante Gangs
across Scandinavian nations, preying on migrants and foreigners

German authorities are prioritizing the threat of Far-Right Terror in light of an attack on a synagogue in Halle last year as well as the political assassination of local politician Walter Lübcke, an advocate for acceptance of refugees, murdered by a Neo-Nazi.