Italian Fascist Salvini is NOT Coming To The UK ... They Say

Official. Kind of.

The Italian Fascist Group group that are advertising for a 'Dinner' event using photos of Matteo Salvini - 'Lega Del Mundo' have confirmed - officially - that he's not coming. Or was before but now isn't. Or maybe never was.

Or ... it could of course be a smokescreen for the fact that he IS coming and wants to dodge the protests.

Who knows ? We shall find out soon enough. 

Official Press Release, complete with awful grammar. Yes, it's from a Italian-First speaker but highly amateurish. How long would 'Maybe get an English person to read it through just in case' have taken ?

Dear Mr Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This is the communication team of LNM UK Eire. Matteo Salvini is not coming at present in the UK. Below you can read our official press statement that should explain everything. If in future we will organize a meeting for Matteo Salvini we will let you know.
Communication Team LNM UK EIRE