Post-Brexit Britain - The Challenge Awaits

In the midst of trying to sum up the events of yesterday, and the next few month, I came across this short thread from Matthew D'Ancona of Tortoise Media which did so, and far better. here, reproduced in full.
Dear Boris and Dom:
Well, I guess congratulations are in order. Less than an hour ago the UK left the European Union, and became a foreign country in the eyes of the EU. I’m guessing that you’re feeling good, and, honestly, who can blame you?
So enjoy it while it lasts. Because - unless you are both seriously deluded - you’ll wake up tomorrow and realise, with a metallic, sour taste in the mouth, that you are two loneliest people on the planet.
Don’t get me wrong. I know how you both operate and that, when the promise of nirvana goes wrong, you’ll do what you always do: blame the media, the judges, the BBC, civil servants, immigrants, liberal arts graduates, the ‘Blob’....anyone really.
And, for a while, it might work. You’re both excellent message-moulders as you proved in 2016 and again last month. I can well imagine you spreading the blame for disappointment quite effectively - especially among those least able to fight back
But here’s one thing of which you can be sure. As good as you are at all that shade-throwing and deniable vilification, it won’t work forever. You asked to ‘Take Back Control’ - and now you’ve got it. So you’d better learn to own it.
Because you both just took inescapable and total responsibility for the governance and well-being of 60 million people. And - in the end - no amount of chat-show charm, damn-fool memos, and ugly finger-pointing is going to get you off the hook.
And - sooner or later - there will be a reckoning. There always is. And when it comes, you’ll realise that accountability can be a ruthless force. So: sleep well. Tomorrow is going to be very different.
All eyes on you, boys.
Best wishes, Matt.