The Sun's Racist 'Foreign Editor' Linked With Britain First

Interesting, this. The Sun's "Assistant Foreign Editor" Rebecca Husselbee - @rjhusselbee on Twitter - has suddenly locked her Twitter account. This has occurred after, we are told, The Sun miraculously ''discovered'' her racist social media posts - and her connection to, and support for Far Right Street Thugs Britain First.

Her boyfriend Arden is an activist for them, and her father Steve Husselbee is the Midlands Regional Organiser.

We wrote about Husselbee over a year ago.
Long before The Sun hired her. They knew.
All this in a week in which Britain First's self-appointed 'leader', Paul Golding, is on trial under Terrorism charges.

We find it strange that her bosses ''discovered'' her racist social media account so recently ... as we wrote about her over a year ago, and The Sun have known her views for a long time. Since, in fact, before they even hired her. They knew.

And actually knowing all of this, The Sun not only employed her .. but have since promoted her.