This Clown PM is No Longer Answerable To The People, Apparently

After political journalists boycotted a Downing Street briefing
on Monday as Boris Johnson’s aides banned selected reporters from attending, relations between the Government and Media are souring fast.

The confrontation took place inside No 10 after Lee Cain, Johnson’s most senior communications adviser, excluded reporters from the Mirror, the I, HuffPost, Politics Home, the Independent and others from an official government briefing.

These are Trump tactics. These are, actually, a step closer to a Hard Right Neo-Fascist Government.

This is unprecedented. Even Blair at his most belligerent, even Theresa May at her weakest, never took steps such as these.

Tories are running scared from the Media, avoiding scrutiny, avoiding questions, avoiding challenges.
The PM and the Government are ANSWERABLE to the People. In any normal Democracy.

Not this one, apparently.

Lee Cain (R), pictured with Cumming.