Tory Kawczinski’s Staff QUIT Over His Links To Neo Fascists

Vile Tory MP Daniel Kawczinski’s staff have QUIT due to his links with European Neo Nazis - both his Westminster staff and two local Constituency staff. The move comes after Kawczynski was given a formal warning by the Tories for attending a Neo Fascist event in Rome, though Boris Johnson refused calls to kick Kawczynski out of the Party entirely.

Even his own team thinks he’s too pally with Fascists. His two Westminster assistants have been picked up by newly-elected MPs as welcome additions. Meanwhile poor Daniel is answering the phone himself when he can be bothered.

His two local constituency employees have also left, with the local office now being manned by Kawczinski’s Election Campaign Agent - and two volunteers from the local party.

And now opportunistic locals in his Shrewsbury constituency are taking the opportunity to bombard his office with demands on local issues that he simply can't deal with.