USA - Just Another Mass Murderer ? No - A White Supremacist Terrorist

Call it what it is. In May 2017 White Supremacist Jeremy Christian directed a racist rant at 2 women on a train. Three people stepped in to confront him. Christian stabbed all three, killing two and the third almost bled to death. Today a jury found him guilty on all counts.

The defense approach was to offer up three relatively inept neuropsychologists who attempted to testify that Christian is cognitively impaired and/or that he is autistic. None of the experts were known or published in their field -  one of them even inventing under cross examination an entirely brand new category of "atypical autism" not recognise by actual medical experts.

One of the befuddled defense 'experts' was asked What set Christian off?” and answered with a list including the 2016 Presidential Election, the March in Charlottesville, the Berkeley riots and the Proud Boys / Antifa confrontation in Portland, Oregon.

Christian disrupted the court proceedings a number of times with racist outbursts and threats to ‘kill AntiFa, as well as instigating a reported twenty-plus violent racist attacks in prison while awaiting trial .. and his 'defence' still maintained that there was no racial motive for these killings.

But for anti-fascists, Christian’s sentence will solve almost nothing. To quote from a neo-Nazi in a decades-old film ...
You think sending us to prison will make a difference ? Prison is our graduate school.'
Prisons in the US are hotbeds of White Supremacist activity. We have seen everything from race based street level organisations to full fledged neo-nazis like Volksfront and the Christian Right recruit directly from prisons across the US.

As a whole, the US Justice System maintains a white supremacist structure and primarily - disproportionately - imprisons people of colour in staggering numbers. This system is not our friend.

The victims deserve to be named and remembered. We mourn for Ricky Best and Taliesin Namkai-Meche. We mourn for their families and those they left behind.

And here's where it began - twelve years ago, Jeremy Christian was a normal Portland teenager who read Spiderman comics and listened to rock music. Before too long, the indoctrination he was exposed to - just words, usually, but words with consequences - took its effect. And there are thousands more 'Jeremy Christian's on the streets of America.

And what has been the US Government response ?

Trump has redirected resources away from investigating White Supremacy and Domestic Terrorism towards other projects. He has instructed the FBI to remove members of White Supremacist groups from the Terrorist Watch List (They refused to comply)

To Donald Trump, these still remain 'very fine people'.

[Sources : 'It's Going Down' Trial Report and @nobodypays on Twitter]