After Weinstein, Next Should Have Been Fox News' Roger Ailes

After the Harvey Weinstein verdict - and his sentence of 23 years ... the other massive serial sex offender - never charged - is of course Roger Ailes. Chairman and CEO of Fox News until ousted.

23 known victims.

The movie Bombshell is damning. It depicts how Ailes was protected by the owners of Fox News.

Naturally Ailes was a devoted Republican, protected by the elite. Worked for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, both George Bush's, Rudy Giuliani, and of course Trump.

Ailes in the end was too vile even for Rupert Murdoch to stomach, who saw enough evidence in internal reports - still hidden - to conclude that Ailes had to go, with a nice $40 million severance package.

In 2017, Ailes fell and hit his head at his Florida home. He died aged 77, still protected by Rupert Murdoch from prosecution. He saved himself a long series of trials.

But in the end, remember the actions of Rupert Murdoch and Fox News.

They fired Ailes, but before and after, they protected him. To the bitter end.