Coronavirus - The London Excel 'Hospital' That Isn't ...

From an NHS Professional now transferred to the Excel, from a 10 minute phone call.
Don't buy the lies that the Excel is any kind of 'Hospital'. It's the UK's biggest morgue, with a waiting room. It's just containment. There is minimal even palliative care.
We are giving what care we can, but the cases transferred here are not transferred for their own health, but to protect other NHS sites, which we fully understand.
Even here, at the sharpest of sharp ends, we have insufficient PPE to handle the current intake levels. As those levels rise, it will inevitably overtake supply of PPE.
I hesitate to estimate the level of recoveries here, but seeing as we're getting the most advanced cases, by design, understandably it's not good.
It is what it is, and it's what we expected.
This is a person whom I've known for about 5 years and is prone to plain speaking. He and his team are working the best they can to ease and comfort their charges.

By the way, he can't afford to buy a flat and is still paying off his student debt.