In Just A Few Weeks, Smug-Face Patel's Ego Has Landed

It was never a question of whether top civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam would leave the Home Office after briefings against him by government aides. The only question was how – and if one of Whitehall’s most senior civil servants would do so quietly. Now he plans to sue for constructive dismissal, and that will get very interesting indeed.

Sir Philip Rutnam has served this nation for 33 years under 7 Prime Ministers of both Parties.

Priti ‘Smug-Face’ Patel has been in the job a few weeks.

She tried to blame him for her own mistakes on the illegal Windrush Deportations. Rutnam correctly advised Patel that they were illegal and would be overturned in the Courts. She refused to listen, and proceeded. He was right, of course, and they were overturned in the Courts.

In Cabinet, she put the blame on him, solely.

Her Ego and Arrogance is destabilising and destructuring the very civil service apparatus she will soon be turning to to hide her failings. Who will she blame next ? Within weeks she's made the Home Office 'Not Fit For Purpose'.

That's quite an achievement for her CV.