The New Nazis of Europe - Slovakia

In Slovakia, the New Nazi Party L'SNS are polling at close to 10% ahead of elections. They claim that one third of the country, even one third of politicians, support them. Openly and proudly Fascist, AntiSemitic, Homophobic, Holocaust-denying, anti-Media, anti-Expert, anti-Science, anti-Judges. anti-Islam. Aryanism, reborn in the 21st century.

New members have to buy their uniforms or they aren't allowed to march. Except they don't 'march' or 'rally', they carry out 'military deployments'.

Their unelected Branch Leaders are called 'Colonels'. National leaders are 'Generals'.

Here's what they are : Images that, without the colour, could easily have been taken in the 1930s.

Europe, now, in the 21st Century.