Yaxley - Aka 'Tommy Robinson' - At Centre Parcs - The Complete Summary

So. Seems quite a messy story, from a few days ago, regarding the arrest (again) of Stephen Yaxley Lennon for assault (again).

On the evening in question, I looked into the matter and dug around. So here's a full summary.

First, The News Story As It Appeared

"Tommy Robinson faces assault charge after Center Parcs arrest"

"Former EDL leader arrested at Woburn Forest site is due to appear in court in April.

The former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been charged with common assault following an incident at Center Parcs in Bedfordshire. Police said the 37-year-old, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was due to appear at Luton magistrates court on 2 April and had been released on bail. He was arrested on Sunday at about 1.10pm after officers were called to Center Parcs in Woburn Forest over an altercation between two men. One man sustained an injury to his face and received first aid at the scene. A Center Parcs spokesman confirmed that police attended the Woburn Forest site on Sunday."

Then, of course, Yaxley-Lennon posted videos and statements declaring his innocence. He was, he claimed, 'defending his child from a paedophile'.

True to form, that alleged 'paedophile' quickly became - with no source whatsoever - an 'asian man' then a 'pakistani' and then a 'muslim'. "A muslim paedo attacking his own child" ? What a lucky break for Yaxley. Just what he always wanted.

So Here's The Actual Story

In the meantime I've spoken to Center Parks staff. To be honest, a fair few told me to 'piss off'. A number told me they 'couldn't talk about it' which is understandable.

But a couple of them gave me numbers of the staff on duty at the time. 3 hours and 27 phone calls later and Yaxley's ''version'' is well and truly busted. All it takes is a few phone calls. 

Robinson was drinking alcohol - some say, drunk - in his role as a parent supervising his kids at a swimming pool, a bystander commented on behaviour. Yaxley picked a fight, lost (or drew) and invented a little random story he knew his cultists would believe. Yaxley was arrested, the alleged 'paedophile' wasn't, because there was no case to investigate. Yaxley has since been charged (or is to be charged, we're not sure) and released on bail pending further enquiries.

*No* witnesses to any 'paedophile activity'.
*7* witnesses to the assault by Yaxley.

The whole thing is a hastily improvised setup job because TR got pissed and smacked someone - whilst out on license. Clearly the police weren’t buying it, and arrested him.

Just For Argument's Sake....

However there are those who think (I use the term loosely here) - based on absolutely nothing of value at all - that the story of the ''paedophile'' is true. To those, I address these simple, factual points.

So, just for argument sake, let's say, 'devil's advocate'-like, that there was some validity in the child's story.

  • The video released where Yaxley questions his child is not a statement from her, it is her saying 'yes' or  'no' to questions from her father. At one point she clarifies where 'the man' was standing. This is not sufficient evidence of any criminality, in the slightest.
  • The police have investigate the matter of the 'alleged' 'paedophilia' and have taken nio action against this alleged 'paedophile'. There are no witnesses.
  • The 'three hour delay' before police arrived has neither substance nor source other than a post from Yaxley.
  • Despite this, Yaxley has referred to the unnamed man as a paedophile (in his posts). Thus, in the very unlikely event that charges were to be brought against this man, it would be Contempt of Court and Prejudice of a Fair Trial, immediately.
  • Thus, Yaxley would be setting a 'sex offender' free.
  • As Yaxley claims (now) to know the law on such matters, having (he says) 'attended courses' it seems that he would actually be knowingly setting a 'sex offender' free. Intentionally.
  • Yaxley's fans are also circulating that the man was an Asian, in fact, a Muslim, in fact, a Pakistani. All invented. All without a single source.
  • Yaxley's crew have also publicised the man's name and address.

Yaxley's entire career as a Racist Grifter has been based on hatred and lies. Nobody believes a word he says.

Still, 'Just For Argument's Sake' - if there is some validity in the child's story, who does he have to blame for the disbelief ?  Himself. The ultimate Racist who cried MUSLIM PAEDO !

In Summary

He is a criminal fraudster who has gotten quite wealthy from his multiple scams. He has monetized the currency of hate. And he's done very nicely out of it, too.

If you believe his version, after his multiple convictions for violence and fraud - you're a gullible mug. And you, too, are enabling hatred and violence. Because you're probably paying towards it.

So, Why ?

So what's the real reason he came up with this story - or embellishment, whatever you wish to call it ?

Because he was in trouble with the police again ?

Or it's a great new excuse to run another crowdfunder ?

Or be's been out of the news for a while ?

Maybe he's upset that his new 'political group' launched this week fizzled out on day 1 with no publicity ?

What on earth would drive a man to use his child to save his own skin / career / bank balance ? To video her ''trauma'' and post it online?

At some point, Yaxley fans, you have to wake up and get real. 

He's nothing more than a little Fascist Street Thug. Know what he is.