Coronavirus - What's The REAL Fatality Total And Why Is It Hidden From Us ?

Hundreds of UK care home deaths are NOT BEING ADDED to the official Coronavirus Fatality Toll.

For a real Fatality Total, we need to know what % of the Real Total is Hospital Deaths and which are Care Homes/Hospices. This is currently unreported.

A comparable European nation, Belgium, is reporting a ratio of 60% the former to 40% the latter.

And in Italy recently compared deaths by pneumonia or cardiac arrest in early are statistically showing an extremely high numbers of “cause of death” by those two pathologies in early 2020 - which would indicate the possibility of misdiagnoses - a certain number are possibly or even likely to have been early Covid19 cases.

In Spain, they're finding corpses in houses of single occupants who were self-isolating.

I wonder if we'll ever know the truth.