Counter Terrorism Unit Investigating Far Right Groups Using COVID To Attack Muslims

Counter-terrorism police in the UK have begun investigating Far-Right groups accused of trying to use the coronavirus crisis to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment.

The monitoring group Tell Mama said that in March it recorded dozens of incidents of far-right groups allegedly trying to put blame on British Muslims for the spread of the virus.

The group said it had had to debunk numerous claims made on social media that Muslims were "breaching the lockdown" by continuing to attend mosques to pray. There were also incidents where Muslims were attacked.

In one tweet from a prominent white nationalist, claims were made that Muslims were breaching the lockdown by congregating outside a mosque in Wembley. Tell Mama debunked this claim (the photo was several months old), and after it encouraged others users to report the content, Twitter removed the tweet and placed restrictions on the account.

In another incident, Shrewsbury Police earned kudos points as it replied to a complainer about gatherings at a mosque in the city ... by replying there is actually no mosque in the part of the city referred to.