Daily Mail and The Sun - Paid For By You, The Taxpayer

Even if you (wisely) don't buy the Daily Mail or The Sun, you're paying for them - in taxes. Both owned by foreign billionaires ... both are subsidised by you, the taxpayer.

Exposed by @Byline_Media here.
The Government is giving tens of millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to the corporate press, including the Daily Mail and the Sun.
No formal announcement has been made and no public explanation has been given, but this is a direct, secretly-negotiated subsidy provided exclusively to members of the News Media Association (NMA), the umbrella body for the corporations that own most of the national and regional press.
Millions of pounds are thus going to groups owned by billionaires of questionable tax standing. Meanwhile, independent news publishers – of whom there are hundreds up and down the country, reaching many millions of readers – have been cut out of the arrangement and are set to receive none of the cash. 
The Government actually talked to two bodies which represent large numbers of independent (non-NMA) news publishers – the Independent and Community News Network and the Public Interest News Foundation – but they are getting none of this cash. In other words, while there is undoubtedly a crisis across the industry, unless you are a member of the club of multi-million-pound corporations close to the Conservative Party you get no help through this package.