You Clap for Me Now - The Coronavirus Poem On Racism And Immigration

"What the UK is most afraid of has come from overseas, taking our jobs and making it unsafe to walk the streets." This is the opening message of a widely shared video on coronavirus that subverts racist language often directed at immigrants, showing that those who have experienced discrimination are now key workers, trying to keep people safe.

The clip – which has gone viral worldwide – features UK residents, immigrants and people of foreign heritage who are medics, delivery drivers and teachers working hard amid the Covid-19 outbreak. They read a poem, penned by Darren James Smith, entitled You Clap for Me Now.

And it's come in for some criticism as - would you believe - 'race baiting'.

We knew the Racists would push back on it - after all, anyone who applauds and hails the NHS NOW, yet voted Tories, or Brexit, or ever supported the hate filled rhetoric of Yaxley, Hopkins, et al, is a Hypocrite, and is suddenly realising it in full.