Baroness Harding Ticks 'All The Boxes' For Covid 'Test & Trace'

"It's one of the most complex systems we’ve ever worked on" says Baroness Dido Harding, appointed today as Executive Chair of NHS Test and Trace.

She is, of course, in the eyes of those Tories, the perfect choice ...
  • The Baroness Harding of NHS Improvement, who did the opposite, and improved nothing.
  • The Baroness Harding whose team is now in charge of our #NHS data, who was forced out of Talk Talk for, er, losing her customers data.
  • The Baroness Harding who on the Jockey Club Board, who made the decision (financial) to go ahead with Cheltenham Races, creating an epicentre of infection.
  • The Baroness Harding who is married to a Tory MP.
  • The Baroness Harding who is the daughter of a Lord.
Great call.