The Anti Abortion Debate - Built On Lies Since Birth

This is a HUGE revelation on the Abortion Debate in the USA - universally hijacked by the 'Christian' Right Wing, going back to the original ground breaking 1973 Roe v Wade Supreme Court Judgement.

It emerges that after the judgement which made abortion legal, the American Christian Right paid Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey) the sum of $500,000 - a sum to live on for life in those days - to 'flip' her stance and pretend she was 'anti-abortion' and 'born again'.

She was neither ... according to her own admission.
The fact that conservatives were paying her all along to dupe America, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to abortion politics. Today’s whole “pro-life” movement was built on a lie, and they’ve had to lie in increasingly elaborate ways to stay relevant.