The Sun - 'Free Press' But Also ... Censor People We Don't Like ...

The one where The Sun 'journalist' Olivia Utley demands a 'Free Press' ... but at the same time demands that that critics are politically censored.

You can't make this stuff up, and we never have to.

She rtants about "pondlife keyboard warriors who dedicate their lives to cultivating rage” to which we reply "Well why does The Sun keep hiring them as journalists?"

She also pushes for Government to "clean up the internet for children", from a media title that sexualises young girls (only if they have celeb parents, of course) and invented the topless model on Page 3, available to purchasers of all ages.

Tim summarises :
Only in the world of the Murdoch press, which howled “Censorship” at the Leveson proposals, because it would have made papers like the Sun properly accountable for its spreading of hate speech, could we see calls for others to be censored.