USA - In The Midst Of America's Covid Crisis, Trump Loses It Over A Cartoon

The Trump Campaign got a satirical cartoon removed from online retailer RedBubble. The cartoonist Nick Anderson called the President ‘adolescent’ after work parodying Trump's bleach-injection claim sparked a legal manoeuvre.

Trump tried to claim 'Copyright Infringement' on the image. In fact what his Campaign Team did was misuse Redbubble’s reporting mechanism to suppress political expression in the form of parody, critique, and satire - as protected by the First Amendment, which of course Trump pretends to respect.

Thank fully, after a protest by the The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (yes, there is such a thing and rightly so) Rebubble, to their credit, reinstated immediately.

CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein said ...
Political campaigns have no business suppressing free expression, and that’s precisely what’s happening here. The President’s re-election campaign is out of bounds by misusing tools designed to protect intellectual property rights as a means for censoring legitimate political comment. The First Amendment protects Mr. Anderson, Redbubble, and any other merchant providing a platform to publish parody, critique and satire of public officials."
Worryingly, the artist had this to explain about the timeline of events :
The cartoon was removed less than 24 hours after I posted it. I hadn’t gotten a single order for it. I doubt anyone had even seen it yet on the Redbubble site. This reveals that the Trump campaign has a system in place, trawling for material they find objectionable. If it happened to me so quickly, it likely has happened to others. How much other content has been removed this way on Redbubble and other sites?
In the midst of this crisis, it's not as if Trump apparently has anything better to do. Like playing golf again.