The Right Wing's Favourite 'Crazy Scientist' - Professor Karol Sikora

A man who is trotted out solely by the elements of the media on the right wing, and quoted ad infinitum by Right Wing 'personalities', is a nasty piece of work indeed. Professor Karol Sikora is the name, and you may well have seen the face, appearing as he has done so on various programs talking about Corona Virus.

Seems like a quite respectable chap on first glance, until you hear what he says, and delve a little into his history. As an oncologist of course he has no field-specific knowledge other than his early general training, but one thing he's fixated on - pushing the Tories line, every way, in every direction.

A few of the things you might need to know about him :

  • He hates the NHS. Really, really hates it. Calls it 'the last bastion of communism'.

  • He used to work for the World Health Organisation. He hates the WHO. He claimed he resigned, but smarter and more reliable sources say he was fired over some of his more, er, radical ideas, after a dispute with the United Nations (He hates them, too. Can you see a pattern emerging here?)

  • He is an Oncology Advisor. Not to Health Services or NHS Trusts, who do not accept his more extreme thinking, but to pharmaceutical companies Cyclacel and AstraZeneca, who'll take anyone they can get.

  • He appeared in American adverts for the Republican Party, attacking President Obama's Health Plan - with data that was later proven to be false. He is part of the US Health Lobby that aims to buy as many parts of the NHS as it can.

  • He has claimed for 22 years to be Professor of Oncology at Imperial College. He even introduced himself to a Commons Health Select Committee with that title. He is not - and never was. This led Imperial to seek legal advice to stop Sikora from making such claims.

    • "I can confirm that Karol Sikora is not on the staff at Imperial and does not hold the title of honorary professor of oncology. This individual has been warned before by the college for making claims that he is employed by us, or associated with us. His views are very certainly not the views of the college."

      - Prof Sir Roy Anderson, Imperial College London,

  • He loves his grand titles : 

    • Dean of the School of Medicine at Buckingham - nothing to do with the established medical training system. it a privately funded school of medicine and alternative therapies.

    • Foundation Fellow of The Foundation for Integrated Health - a lobby group.

    • Chair of the Faculty of Integrated Medicine, which is unaffiliated with any university and is not a 'faculty' - it is another grandly-titled lobby group.

    • Member of the College of Medicine - another lobby group criticised extensively in the British Medical Journal for its promotion of unproven alternative medicines.

  • He was one of three doctors that enabled Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi to be released, after obtaining a diagnosis of imminent terminal cancer. The services were paid for by the Libyan Government. Sikora gave him three months to live ... whereupon al-Megrahi recovered in miraculous fashion, living on for several years.

  • He called for cancer drugs to be rationed for older patients, not in such a way as to open a discussion about the possibility of it, but as budgetary factor.

  • Along the way in his career, Sikora knowingly gave a lethal injection to a 14 year old patient, admitted doing so, but the General Medical Council couldn't pursue the matter as it was over 5 years old by then and 'historical'

  • He defended several fellow medical professionals charged with items ranging from incompetence to professional misconduct to murder - who were either found guilty (Dr Jane Barton), or in one case, exonerated but confessed later to being guilty (Dr Howard Martin). Several deaths were involved, at least 15.

In his determination to destroy the NHS for his Pharma and Lobbyist employers, perhaps now, you understand why the Right Wing love him.