Tory London Mayor Hopeful Bailey Thanks 'Team Tommy' - Yaxley's Mates

Tories Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey has posted praise and support for Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson, serial criminal) and his supporters.

Yaxley, remember, is an "Incitor of Far Right Terrorism" (Source : The Head of UK Counter Terrorism)

Bailey has since deleted the post, but not before it was spotted and spread by numerous Far Right accounts all celebrating that "they had his support".

Bailey, you'll recall, is the one who said that Homelessness doesn't exist. The one who supported closing of Youth Centres despite warnings it would lead to increased crime ... then when it did, blamed the police.

He's a desperate and loathsome careerist who say anything, to get votes, for office. You might ask 'Why is he even a Candidate?" The answer is simple, of course.

So that the #Tories can trot him out at intervals and proudly proclaim ...

"Look How Racist We Aren't !
Look, Black People Of London, He's The Same Colour As YOU !"