On The Death of Anti-Racism Campaigner Noel Martin

Martin during an appearance on a popular TV Talk Show in Germany to discuss the danger of Far-Right extremism.

Noel Martin, a British-Jamaican worker who was left paralyzed by a Nazi attack in Germany in 1996, has died after spending the last 25 years of his life in a wheelchair.

His legacy was an exchange program that brought English and German youngsters together. He dedicated his life to ending racist hatred.

One of the organizers on the British end of that scheme was Lincoln Moses, who knew Martin for more than a decade ...
For the last ten years, we used to have a gathering at Noel's house - they'd put a big tent up, and he made sure everyone had food and drinks. He talked about his experience, but he never talked about the negative part, about the attack, he talked about the work he did in Germany prior to the attack and how the majority of people he met were very nice to him.
He was more or less legendary in the way he tried to inspire young people not to have any form of negative influence controlling their lives.