CoronaVirus : On Schools Re-Opening

A question posed today by many on our 'Worst Tories' List : "What do the opponents of #schoolsreopening want then?"

The answer is pretty simple and has remained unchanged since the beginning.

For schools to reopen when a consensus - or at least a majority - of science says it's considerably safer to do so (not the tame lackeys paraded by the Tories) - and when sufficient precautions are in place - and funded.

Not too tricky to grasp, is it ?

Rachael Swindon nailed it, back in May ...

It's a toughie.
On the one hand you have the BMA, National Union of Teachers and your instincts telling you not to send your children to school.
Then on the other you have Boris Johnson, Britain First and a few other gobshite right-wing 'journalists' telling you it's okay.
Who to trust?