The Increasingly Ridiculous 'QAnon', Summarised

QAnon: "Save Our Children."
Everyone else: ...we're with you so far.

QAnon: "Child trafficking is a huge problem."
Everyone else: ...we agree with that.

QAnon: "Hollywood has a big pedophilia problem."
Everyone Else: ...still on board.

QAnon: "Satan worshipping democratic elites are drinking the blood of children to stay young looking and harvesting adrenochrome in underground lairs."
Everyone Else: And we're out.

QAnon: "Find God! No vaccines! Our rights! Masks are for sheep!"
Everyone Else: We said we're out!

Everyone Else: So it has nothing to do with religion or conservative politics?

QAnon: "Well..."
Everyone Else: Knew it. Fuck off with your agenda. You don't care about the children or humanity as a whole.

But seriously - what is QAnon ? The Conspiracy Theory Factory known as QAnon has grown in recent months, spreading from fringe message boards to mainstream platforms - and has increasingly become a serious political issue.

The 'Q' stems from one single account on 4chan, the home of the devoted tin-foil hat crowd, who began posting wild and universally unbased theories under the alias of 'Q' or ‘Q Clearance Patriot’. (Q Clearance or Q access is the level of security clearance required to access top secret restricted data within the American State Department of Energy. The 4chan user was probably using this to give his messages an air of importance and authority.)

Since then, anyone in the USA with a crazy theory (let's face it - there are a lot of them) - began using 'Q' or 'QAnon' as a tag. As this is predominantly a Right Wing, ultra conservative sewage pit ... it rapidly became policitised.

Notice in the photo the 'WWG1WGA' acronyn - "Where We Go One, We Go All" - long associated with White Supremacy, White Power and Far Right Extremists.