The Telegraph Finally Goes Full Trump

Douglas Murray
of the Telegraph (he of the equally vile Tory / Brexit Spectator) writes today of Trump almost as the second coming of Jesus. This rag has oft been very Right Wing in it's past, even verging on tending to Ukip-piciousness.

Now it seems the owners, the billionaire non-domicile tax-dodgers Barclay brothers, finally decided to forgo the charade of only being moderately Right, and instead go hell for leather right for that extremist demographic ... and fully throw their considerable weight behind a 21st century Neo Fascist.

They of course host Alison Pearson, the anti-vax, science-denying herd-immunity pushing conspiracy theorist who claimed children were immune from Covid19 (in fact anyone under was 60 was immune), until a few started inconsiderately dying from it.

They then printed that Covid19 was beneficial as it "culled elderly dependents" (Jeremy Warner)

They hosted a guest column on the EU from Jaak Madison, an actual neo nazi.  They faked polls in  2019 abut Brexit which led to condemnation across the UK media, creating answers to questions that were never actually asked and fabricating headlines. They incited violence against Nicola Sturgeon.

Some of Murray's comments ...

Had Hillary Clinton achieved the Oval Office, it is almost certain that she would have got her country into one or more conflicts in the Middle East.

Supposition. In fact, it's just repeated Trump unsourced, unbased, misfactual  rhetoric. Murray seems to think the word of a man who has lied to the American people a documented 20,000 times (yes, twenty thousand times) is to be taken as any kind of fact.

... the fact that he is unpredictable and perhaps even a little crazy ... can be a great virtue in the international arena.

Unpredictability .. I think he means instability, and no, that's not a good thing in International Relations. As demonstrated clearly in the last four years as Trump has alienated all his allies .. and befriended Putin instead.

There are successes that this administration has achieved which are worth reflecting on.

Yes, he's brought USA global ridicule, plague, societal breakdown, increased White House-sponsored racial violence and economic ruin.

Trump is the one who will give this country and the wider world the period of greater success and calm.

He is clearly deranged (the writer and Trump both).

That a major British media title should openly and devotedly support Trump, a racist, islamophobic, corrupt, incompetent, defrauding liar is concerning to say the least. 

Murray seems to idolise Trump, much as he idolises the very similiar Johnson.

I suspect Murray thinks that in 2021 onwards, the orange buffoon will give the clown prince an easier ride.