Tories : Masters Of Wasting Taxpayers Money

When large numbers are thrown around casually, few are able to truly grasp the meaning of all those digits unless you explicitly spell out what else it could have been used for. 

A failed Brexit has so far cost us the equivalent of the total of every payment we've made, ever, to the EU, since we joined.

A failed Track&Trace / Test&Trace has cost us the equivalent of four aircraft carriers.

An already-failing 'Moonshot Vaccine Scheme' will cost more than our entire annual Education Budget - and is based on technology that has yet to be invented.

For the money paid out for Covid19 PPE that was unsuitable for use, out of date or just never arrived, we could have set up a nationwide network of 75 Homelessness Shelters and funded them for ten years.

For the cash paid out to Serco (for which they delivered nothing of value) we could have set up a nationwide system of 25 alcohol and substance abuse treatment centres, instantly reducing crime and violence, and funded them for 8 years.

For the money handed out by Dominic Cummings and the Cabinet to his personal friends and acquaintances, donors and relatives, for not very much in return, we could have bought back the top 15% of fuel inefficient vehicles on our roads at market value and crushed them, leading to an instant increase in air quality and longevity of life.

Remember this when they say 'we can't afford' this, or that.