Violent Covidiots at Trafalgar Square

"Look at the poor victims of Brutality" the Right Wing claim.

Not so much of the  'victims' ... these are men with form, who go to such events looking to fight, and whinge when they come off the worst.

Left is definitely Paul Dobbs, Cheshire, Britain First, previously arrested at the infamous Dover Riots. Sacked in 2018 from his Virgin Media engineer job due to repeated racism towards colleagues. Was on Nazi Social Media site Gab as '14BombTheBoats88'.

Right is Samuel Costani, Twickenham (95% sure), a 'For Britain' Homophobe and Racist, kicked out of Ukip in 2018, six convictions for assault and affray. 

If they go there to break the law and fight, that's what generally happens. Can't complain when you lose.