Farage's Lastest Scam : An Unregulated 'Investment Advice' Club

Nigel Farage has launched his latest moneymaking scam - remember, everything for him is a moneymaking scam - .. a 'Financial Advice Project' (unregulated, naturally) called “Fortune and Freedom“. 

Nigel wants you to trust him (lol!) and pay him your hard earned cash so that he can make money for himself. In return, you'll get access to a website that appears merely to repost items from freely available sites, and a collection of what appears to be glossy leaflets.

That's it.

A brief reminder at this juncture : Farage’s brief foray into the heady world of finance ended when he was sacked from his position as a Metals Trader - for losing multiple client's money, or (depending who you talk to) constant drunkeness.

Odds are the latter led to the former, of course.

I wonder how long before the Fraud Squad come knocking. He has form.

Well, at least you get these nice leaflets, which is ... nice.