Exit, Stage (Far) Right ... But The IMPOTUS Simply Won't Go Quietly

Surrounded as he is by family and loyalists, someone needs to explain to Trump the reality of the situation : He's out.

The problem is, no-one in the inner circle can say 'No' to the Don. His fantasy of remaining in power through the courts is already crumbling, case by case, and his circle no doubt fears his wrath.

You'd think at this point someone would have the courage. Seemingly not.

As beautiful and poignant as it was to note that when he received the news of the networks calling the race, he was playing golf (cheating, no doubt, he's known for it), the seriousness of a squatter in the White House, figuratively wrecking everything with a baseball bat, is unnerving. We wait to see.

It is perhaps at this point that the Republican Party should take that bold, bold step - and distance themselves categorically from the man, his acolytes, his fantasies, and his memory.

A smart, courageous Republican would have already done so, which is perhaps why we haven't seen it.