Harris - Will Be A Great VeeP ... And Could Be The '47'.

Kids in America are brought up to believe the mantra that 'anyone can be President'.

Those words probably rang pretty hollow for a young Kamala Harris, as they have done for most children of ethnic minorities in the USA, which habitually elects white christian males of a certain age - until Obama at least.

Harris will not be the lame dog VP that Pence has been for his four years, in the background, inactive, impotent. Harris will be Biden's attack dog, a role she's already shown herself be be superlative at in the Senate.

Harris' career has been meteoric, full of 'firsts' at county, state and federal level. Who's to say this is her apex ? Could she take that next step up ? I think so, in four or eight years.

But for now, she hasn't just 'opened the door' to a whole new wave of aspiring women .. she's blown those doors wide open, in splinters on the floor.