The Mythical Fantasy Of Trump's 'Voter Fraud' DisInfo

A short summary.

Of 12 legal cases or "advance notice of intention to file" (application to the court docket) concerning Voter Fraud, all 12 have already been dismissed at County or State level for having 'no case to answer'. Sufficient initial evidence has to be shown that there 'may be a case' before cases are allowed to proceed. In these cases, no such indications have been provided.

The "Postal Service Whistleblower" (who, incidentally, received $130,000 dollars on a Crowdfunder) has now withdrawn his allegations in full, on the day he was due to speak to official investigators from the USPS about his claims. He has since denied this, but USPS investigators have it in writing.

The '1000s of votes in Arizona from out of State" have turned out to be military personnel temporarily stationed at other US bases or overseas. There is actually no law against voting for a state when you are residential, temporarily or permanently, outside the state. Trump, resident in Washington DC, did so, as did most of his staff.

The "100s of 1000s of dead people voting" has turned out to be "100s of 1000s of dead people still on the Electoral Rolls due to to very poor administration." But the 'dead voters' didn't vote. A sample check on a batch of them showed so. Actually, some were still actually alive, and of that group, some voted, some didn't.

The only Voter Fraud Case where any evidence has been shown is 1 case, 1 vote - and the individual facing charges voted twice, for Trump.

The main case of Voter Fraud or more precisely Election Fraud and Systematic Disenfranchising is the actions of the US Postal Service boss, Louis DeJoy, appointed by Trump, who has industrially, intentionally sabotaged the USPS vote collections and deliveries, against multiple court orders.

The only other Proven Case of Incitement to Commit Voter Fraud was from the Trump campaign during the Election, when he called on his North Carolina base to all vote twice. Trump was warned by the US Election Authorities that his statement was highly illegal.


The Voted Fraud misinfo is hokum and baloney, conjured up by Trump and his staff to continue to raise funds, in order to pay off his Campaign's Debts or funnel cash to Georgia for the Senate fight in January.

The rest of the world has already moved on.