We've Been Behind Biden-Harris For Two YEARS - Now, Probably, It's Real

Back in JANUARY 2019 (yes, that long ago !!!) Far Right Watch pushed for a 'Biden Harris 2020' ticket.

That's nearly TWO YEARS ago. Actually, we first wrote in favour of it in September 2018. It was before either candidate even announced they would run. It looked unlikely for the longest time, then suddenly it wasn't.

And we're nearly there.

From January 2019 ...

Rumours circulating that both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders may run in 2020 for the Dem nomination for President, can we just get real here ?

Neither have the appeal, the clout, the potential demographic following that would result from the perfect ticket - (Joe) Biden and (Kamala) Harris 2020.

And the sooner that Warren and Sanders, et al, get behind them - the better.

Why Biden Chose Kamala Harris - And Why It Was A Masterstroke (from August 2020)

She [Harris] is the perfect pick. Fearless, relentless, astonishingly smart. No presidential candidate can be everything to all people ... but where Biden lacks, Harris excels. Vice presidential picks are often chosen to pull in the votes from the states from which they hail, but not in this case, as Harris’ home of California is solid blue Democrat. In many cases the VP selection is a reward for loyalty and support during the campaign, but Harris has actually been very critical of Biden’s policies on some issues. In many cases the VP selection is almost ceremonial. Look at what the current VP Pence has done… absolutely nothing for four years. Biden will use Harris as his attack dog, which she is really, really good at, and plant himself firmly in the “I’m above all this vitriol” high ground.