In Nigeria, 'EndSARS' Campaign Against Police Sanctioned Murder Continues

In Nigeria, 'EndSARS' becomes 'EndSWAT'.

The 'Special Anti-Robbery Squad' (SARS) was set up in 1992 in Nigeria to tackle Crime - but has been the cause of much of it.

Extrajudicial murder, forced disappearances, extortion, torture, framing, blackmail, kidnapping, illegal organ trade, armed robbery, home invasions, rape and child arrests.

There has been an ongoing campaign to shut down SARS since 2017 - EndSARS

In October 2020, details emerged of a SARS massacre of unarmed EndSARS Protestors at Lekki. At least 12 were murdered. Many more are still missing. This led to worldwide protest. This footage was from London.

They pointed their guns at us and started shooting...

How a bloody night of bullets and brutality quashed a young protest movement.

Authorities must stop attempts to cover up Lekki Toll Gate massacre.

Nigeria cracks down on 'end Sars' protesters, alleging terrorism

Inspector General of Police Adamu 'disbanded' SARS in October and announced its replacement - 'SWAT'. The SWAT has the same structure, lead personnel, resources and (lack of) oversight as the previous SARS.

"Meet the new thugs, same as the old thugs."