Johnson : In Fear Of Admitting The Final, Inevitable Failure

Whatever Johnson's bluster today about 'continued negotiations' one thing is clear : There is no path forward.

The EU's red lines (set in stone since 2016) are immutable.

The UK refuses to accept being locked into the EU regulations. or face tariffs if they deviate. To do so would be to effectively abandon the Brexit they promised.

The two positions are at odds, and neither will move : The EU, for protection of the 27, and the UK, for it's isolationist ideology.

There is no chance of any such deal, and thus, No Deal it will be.

Johnson has simply kicked the can down the road again, delaying the inevitable.

Why ? Fear.

Fear of his own party. Fear of the ERG. Fear of those keeping track of all the lies and promises.

But mostly, fear of the electorate who were conned - and the few who still believe.