Trump - The Worst President In History : His Legacy By The Numbers ...

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1.6 million : Americans with no Health Insurance. This decreased rapidly under Obama, has increased steadily under Trump.


0 : Comprehensive Health Care Overhaul Plans Trump has introduced despite repeated promises to replace the Obama-era Affordable Care Act with a plan that would cover everyone at a lower cost.


322,000 : Dead from COVID19 (and still increasing), including an unknown number directly or indirectly due to the Trump Administration's chaotic handling of the Pandemic, including his suggestions to drink bleach.


230 : Republican Judges appointed, at all levels. The majority appointed thusly due to their political ideology rather than (or at least, as well as) their legal experience. A record for a single administration.


13 : Federal Executions. A record for a single administration. In the meantime, 3 persons facing execution set free after case against them is found to be invalid.


43 : Presidential Pardons, and 21 Commuted Sentences : Initially due to various reasons but increasingly due to the convicted and commuted being donors, friends or allies of Trump. 


13 : Presidential Staff members in Jail. A record for a single administration. 


$27 Trillion : US Debt. The highest in history, and was rising rapidly before the COVID19 virus affected it. Has risen faster since, of course. The first time since WWII that the Debt has been larger than the Economy itself, and remains unaddressed. A record for a single administration.


$3.1 Trillion : 2020 Budget Deficit, the largest in $ terms in U.S. history. Trump had pledged during the 2016 campaign to eliminate the gap between federal spending and revenue. A record for a single administration.


$118 Billion : Tax Cuts given to the 0.7% super-rich, including $1.2 Billion to himself and $4 Billion to his family. In comparison, the next richest 3.5% received smaller Tax Cuts. Most Americans received very little or none at all.


255% - The rise in identified and documented Right Wing Hate Groups under Trump.


55 : The number of accusations of sexual assault and rape that have emerged since he began his campaign in 2015, including the original 12 accusers, and including an alleged rape of a 13 year old.


0 : Full Federal Tax Returns documents released to the media for scrutiny. In 2019, A judge ordered Trump to hand over 8 years worth of documentation. So far only partial releases have occured, and we found out why he's been hiding them.


0 : Number of Charities Trump and his family are allowed to run or take board positions with, after being found guilty of Fraud, including diverting children's cancer money to his own businesses.


17 : The number of times the 'devoted Christian" Trump has been seen to go to Church in 4 years.


117 : Documented contacts between Trump's Presidential Campaign and Russian operatives.


3650 : Estimated number of cheeseburgers delivered to or cooked by the White House. Numerous sources including the White House itself have stated that it is his daily, core diet.


$410 Million : Trump's current personal and corporate debt, in excess of assets. Source of loans is unknown, but mostly dates back to 2014, the same year when his son Eric stated to a journalist that his father "doesn't need US banks anymore, he gets his funding from Russia".


450 : Miles of 'Border Wall' built. Or more correctly, upgraded or renovated. New border actually built : 27 miles, of 1954 miles. A project that Trump said would start on 'Day One' has only just begun this year.


$0 : The amount Mexico has paid for the 'Wall'.


82 : Number of Trump Administration rollbacks on Environmental and Public Health Legislation, as tracked on Harvard University’s rollback tracker. This has allowed businesses and industries to return to polluting practices made illegal by Obama. A record for a single administration.


203 : Days the Pentagon operated without an actual Defence Secretary, the longest stretch in the history of the office.


6: Different Secretaries of Defence. A record for a single administration.


4 : Different Chiefs of Staff. A record for a single administration.


73 : Senior White House Administration resignations, firings, rehirings. A record for a single administration.


1 : Very strange and still unexplained metal implant in his head.


255,500 : Estimated number of red 'Make America Great Again' caps sold that were made in China.


27 : US TV Evangelists in September to October 2020 who prophesised that God had chosen Trump for a Second Term. 


39% : Trump’s average approval rating among American adults in AP-NORC polls over the course of his presidency, ranging from a low of 32% to a high of 43% in AP-NORC polls.  A record low for a single administration.


22% : Growth in the Military Budget under Trump, in a time of pandemic, economic hardship, and (relative) global peace and stability. Obama’s final defence budget was $605 Billion; Trump’s final defence budget was $740 Billion. This includes a net reduction in Veterans Resources and Benefits.


93 : Twitter accounts comprising the 'Black Americans for the President's Agenda' found to be using stock photos and faked identities.


7 : International agreements Trump pulled the U.S. out of, inclusing the Iran Nuclear Deal, Paris Climate Agreement, the Open Skies Treaty and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.


8 : Migration Concentration Camps opened. Leading to horror stories of forced medical operations and numerous other incidents of violence and human rights abuses.


0 (out of 10) : Pledges Trump made to the American people in his 2016 Campaign, completed.


315 : Days Trump has spent golfing as President, according to Each trip at an estimated average cost of $21,000 to the US taypayer.


418 : Days Trump has visited a property he owns, according to Each trip has funnelled cash directly from the US taxpayer to his own businesses, at an estimate total cost of close to £10,000,000.


57 : Trump Campaign Legal Campaign losses in Court when cases reach that awkward point where evidence is required to proceed.


21,450 : Number of Commemorative 'Second Term' Coins sold before the November 3rd Election.


20,000+ and rising exponentially : Lies directly to the American public in press conferences, speeches, interviews and rallies. Tracked by Daniel Dale of CNN in the 'Facts First' section, since Trump's Campaign began in 2015.


12 : Points on the '14 Points of Fascism', the internationally recognised listing of characteristics of a Fascist or Neo-Fascist State.

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