USA - Right Wing Media Rowback On ''Fraud'' In Face Of Lawsuits

Most of the Pro-Trump News Organisations are FRANTICALLY rowing back on 'Fraud' Claims after being threatened with multiple lawsuits by Voting Machine companies Smartmatic and Dominion.

One NewsMax host, John Tabacco, embarrassingly had to personally read out a statement saying :

 “There are several facts our viewers and readers should be aware”

... before debunking a long list of conspiracy theories, mostly from himself.

Fox Business host and full-time tinfoil hat wearer Lou Dobbs had to do the same thing, through gritted teeth, sitting silent as election security expert Eddie Perez piece by piece disassembled every falsehood Dobbs had uttered in the last six weeks.

Fellow Fox host and loyal Trump acolyte Jeanine Pirro had to do the same on her show, as the same reversal piece ran, while she sat there. Trying to smile.

Clearly these fast, definitive retractions have been driven by the legal fact-based threats.

One hold-out so far is the far-out-there 'news' 'media' group OAN, a far-right sycophantically pro-Trump online network. With minimal funding behind them, it's certain they will retract too.

When they cave, it'll be tears at teatime for 'Trump'ers'.