Biden's Payback Time For The Right Wing Extremists

When Biden takes office

, his first few days should be taken up with some key policies :

[Caveat : This is humour, people.]

  • Free Planned Parenthood Clinics on every street, with free bottomless coffee ;

  • Repaint Air Force One in rainbow stripes, fly it over Alabama airdropping abortion pills ;

  • Tax the Evangelical Churches until their leaders have to sell both their private jets ;

  • Buy up McDonalds and make them exclusively serve food to the low-waged and homeless, for free ;

  • All Homophobes to undergo forced 'Conversion Therapy' ;

  • Collect all guns and melt them down to create a Rushmore-sized Mountain with the face of Hilary Clinton ;

  • All White Supremacists and Neo Nazis to be paraded pant-less down Main Street on VE Day to remind them whole won, and who lost ;

  • All City and State Parks to be renamed Rosa Parks with immediate effect; All of them ;

  • Every statue of a Civil War General to replaced with one of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, laughing at you ;

  • Migrant Concentration Camps to be converted to Welcome Centres with Drive-By Citizen Papers pickup ;

  • White House (after fumigation) to be painted 'Pussy Hat Pink', and fly the flag of the State of Georgia .

  • All NASCAR vehicles to run on electric motors recharged only from Wind Power farms in Tennessee and to sponsored by the Mexican Auto Industry.
  • Fox News Headquarters to be turned into a Black Lives Matter Conference Center ;

  • National Rifle Association HQ to be converted to Museum of American Racial Hatred ;

And any time a Trump Cultist complains ... we'll add another gay character to a Star Wars or Disney series.