On The Nature of 'Free Speech', as Twitter Bans Trump

If you use 'Free Speech' as a cover for Incitement of Hated and Violence, you're not concerned at all about 'Free Speech'.

Just *your* Speech.

If you claim 'Freedom of Expression' yet incited death threats to Colin Kaepernick who simply knelt down, you're not concerned at all about 'Freedom of expression'

Just *your* Freedom of Expression.

If you demand reinstatement of a Twitter account after demanding Black Lives Matter accounts were banned, you're not concerned about Free Speech.

Just that ensuring your voice is louder.

If you claim a Twitter Account amounts to 'Free Speech' as a First Amendment Right, know that First Amendment Rights existed several centuries before Twitter.

And will continue to do so.

And if you sign up to the Terms and Conditions of a Private Company, and break them, repeatedly, despite numerous warnings, to incite an Armed Sedition of Government, know that suspension is the price you pay.

Because you agreed to it.