Parler Saved by Epik, The Nazi Hosting Platform Of Choice ?

Parler may be saved by a cash injection (and server services) from Domain Registrar Epik, ref CEO Rob Monster (that's really his name)

Epik is described as "a safe haven for the extreme right",.

Epik has a history of not responding to reports of illegal activity on the websites they register, including criminal activity, selling of drugs and weapons, trading of nazi memorabilia, and others.

It's simply 'neither their problem nor their concern".

CEO Rob Monster is an antisemitic and white nationalist conspiracy theorist. His views are "indistinguishable from those of Neo-Nazis". He makes $ Millions off those with extremist views.

Having said that, Epik still use various Google Services, so there's your quick counter. Which would affect All of Epik's users.

Epik's other services are at least partially hosted by an as yet unnamed company HERE IN THE UK. If anyone knows who, let me know.