The Trump Second Impeachment, Summarised

A Second Trump Impeachment in Congress is guaranteed. They WILL vote ON it, probably tomorrow, and they WILL vote FOR it.

Conviction in the Senate ? That's another matter. But it's an increasing option.

Conviction in the Senate ? 24 hours ago I would have never entertained the question. Now it's genuinely a strong possibility. - Rachel Maddow, MSNBC.

It's actually in the interests of the Republican Party, in order to 'purge' their party of the Trump infection. This is why Republicans are actively co-operating in the process including, most importantly, the Republican Senate Majority Leader.

Remember : A bunch of Republicans don't have to vote for Trump in the Senate. They just have to Abstain. And some of them, not willing to go the whole hog, may just do that.

8 or 9 ... would be enough to remove Trump from office. INSTANTLY.

Buckle up. Dramatic days ahead.