Waiting For The Express To Wake Up

Is the Daily Express changing ? We admit, we can't see much of a shift so far.

But since joining The Express 18 months ago editor Gary Jones has sought to ...

put an end to its Islamophobic sentiment and anti-immigration rhetoric. The muslim community has been badly served.

The Express (his words) ...

... was anti-immigrant. Cumulatively, it obviously had an impact. That's ... pretty horrible, in fact.

Jones claims to be "a lifelong Labour supporter who voted Remain, wants to promote the positive impact migration has on the UK, thinks Brexit is going badly, and has pledged to do all he can to fight Islamophobia."

BUT : He's been closely involved, every step of the way, with everything Piers Morgan has done in the past - including phone hacking and ...

he [Jones] knew what they [Mirror] was doing was illegal.

Interestingly, Jones is now asking advertisers to 'reassess' the Express, an indicator surely that some had abandoned the title. 

Hate doesn't pay, and Jones concedes that the younger generation have different attitudes - readership is increasing elderly. And that bides ill for circulation. 

The language and tone that was used in the past was reprehensible. 
It was espousing the kind of attitudes that have passed by.

The Express had become ...

...an irrelevance with a tortured history that dealt in brutality.

We're still patiently waiting to see something tangible to actually indicate a change in direction.