Gammon TV News 'Star' Exemplifies the 'Network' : Lies, Fake Sources and Libel

Looks like Gammon TV - known to the world as the soon to be launching 'GB News Network', the future Right Wing Platform of choice, has plumped for a corker as its 'Chief Political Correspondent'.

Perpetually confused-looking Tom Harwood, known as the 'teaboy' for his, er, pivotal role in his previous news-gathering employments, has been of course a Ukip mouthpiece, followed by a Tories mouthpiece, for as long as his career has been going, which is a year or two. His 'journalistic technique is to wait for those in authority to hand him a press release, which regardless of it's truth (or usually, not) he then parrots verbatim, to the applause of all.

Pretty easy gig.

Clearly he aims to maintain this low standard of journalistic ethics, from today's report via Zelo Street that Teaboy has in fact been caught (again) using faked news sources (again) and libelling a person in the public eye (again). This time, over the Nicola Sturgeon affair. And this time, it's a lawyer he's libelled. Get popcorn.

As Tim at Zelo put it, Harwood's excuse was basically ...

A big Scots boy did it and ran away.

One can only think that GB News have not only hired him despite this level of media skill ... but probably, because of it.

And he hasn't even started work for them yet.