Brexit – UK Negotiates With Australia ... By Insulting Them

Australia's competent Dan Tehan,
with the UK's incompetent Liz Truss
Brexit negotiations between UK and Australia are going well, aren’t they?

Aussies are livid that Tories’ Liz Truss has openly insulted counterpart Dan Tehan, calling him “inexperienced”.

Tehan has been a diplomat and trade negotiator since 1995 ... when Truss was still a student at Oxford. 

The comments directed at Tehan have been met with hilarity and disbelief in Canberra, with experts saying the “bizarre” remarks could be a setback - in what should have been amicable negotiations.

Truss has also appeared to be rather disappointed that these Trade Negotiations have not been settled within a few weeks, forgetting of course that not only was she specifically told by trade experts at the time of the Referendum that Trade Deals can take years, she repeated this truth as part of the Remain Campaign.

Dr Jeffrey Wilson, research director of the Perth USAsia Centre at the University of Western Australia, said the reported remarks would “damage trust between the ministers”.
In nearly 20 years working on trade negotiations, I have never seen personal attacks deployed as a negotiating tactic, It is an unfortunate but serious setback for what should have been friendly negotiations.
Labour’s Emily Thornberry, who knows a thing or two about negotiations (certainly more than the embarrassing Truss), said…
If Truss wanted to sabotage her own trade negotiations with Australia, it’s hard to see how she could have done it more effectively.

These remarks are insulting, ignorant and entirely counter-productive.