Fransen’s Far Right ‘British Freedom Party’ Collapsing

The British Freedom Party, a documented racist organisation led by Britain First's former Jayda Fransen and Nick Griffin’s business partner Jim Dowson, is collapsing amid multiple accusations of financial misconduct.

Key BFP officials included Steve Squire and Joseph Finnie - both ex BNP Nazis - and the party has a newspaper called The Britannia (no, we've never seen it) edited by ... Nick Griffin.  Like a bad case of the clap, Griffin sticks around.

But this week Finnie and Squire QUIT the party in disgust after Fransen and Dowson transferred Party cash to their own bank accounts. Such is the modus operandi of Far Right Extremist groups - it's all about the money. More resignations are expected, including from some activists claiming that BFP owes them cash and threatening legal action.

Dowson and Fransen are both standing as candidates in the May Elections in Scotland, although as Independents rather than under the Party name as they failed to complete the Electoral Commission paperwork correctly to register the party. 

It had even been said by many that the BFP was considered by Nick Grffin to be his vehicle for a comeback, albeit in the background.

Now, it looks like the party is already defunct.